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The ROBLOX Extra-Life incident is an event that happened during the 24-hour livestream taking place from 24th-26th of October 2014. The incident caused much of ROBLOX to go up in arms, and resulted in several bans on the forums.

This part of the stream was recorded and posted on YouTube multiple times, spreading throughout OT and causing multiple moderation actions on OTers from the mass amount of threads.

What happened?

The ROBLOX staff forgot to turn the sound off during a break in the livestream, and viewers who were eagerly waiting for the stream to return heard the admins swearing.

JacksSmirkingRevenge, Jackintheblox, and 2 other females (Tarabyte & Katrinascarlet) were talking about how "nobody gives a fuck about our department," and that David doesn't care what they do, as shown when one of the Jacks says "David come upstairs and we're all eating pizza and he doesn't care." If one listened later into the stream, they could also hear one of the Jacks say "John should come up here and drink beer with us.", revealing that that they were in fact drunk during this period of time.

Near the end, JacksSmirkingRevenge says "At the end of the day we're so expendable here."

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