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The Windows Committee is an OT-based group owned by raceman6743, which acts as a Windows Fan Club and "news group", giving out information on Microsoft and the line of Windows operation systems. The group has been known to attack other OS's like Linux and MacOS, making it somewhat controversial.

Creation (2015)

In 2015, raceman6743 created The Windows Committee to advertise Windows and originally had the sole purpose of proving that the Windows line of OS's were the best. During that year, many flame wars and incidents involving the group occured (most of them with Heartstrings involved, a direct rival to raceman6743). The group stopped this in November and became very inactive. A meeting place was created, yet has not been updated for the longest time.


In 2016, the group was reactivated with the creation of a YouTube channel (named the same as the group), which is a joint collaboration between Nich7 and raceman6743. The channel has one upload, describing Windows 3.1 and other things. raceman6743 has said that "we will make the group bigger with advertisements, updated places, and social contacts with all of our members in the group." The group has done recruitments, yet has not been entirely successful.

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