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RainbowDash101 is a famous/infamous OT'er who is highly obsessed with South Park, several of his accounts, including his main, were deleted from a small banning spree that happened in early 2014,


RainbowDash101 had originally joined some time in 2010 on another account, but made RainbowDash101 in 2011, he started foruming in OT soon after.


RD101 has often been called a brony due to his name, even though he says that he is not.


RD101's obsession is over the American adult animated sitcom South Park. as his favorite character is apparently Kenny McCormick.

Mass Deletion

Some time in Early 2014, RD101 had became a victim of being mass deleted and Poison/IP Banned, originally, one of his alts got deleted for posting a link, additionally, many other accounts of his got deleted as well, including his main and old 2010 account, he eventually was Poison/IP Banned, on a proxy, every account he had made was instantly deleted, probably because he logged into one of the poison banned accounts, he did try to appeal his account, but his appeal was denied.

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