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He's some guy on off topic. Yes,just a guy. A regular average all-around guy. You may not know who he is and it's fine if you haven't. He did make a few friends on OT. He loves to make OT Interactives but they usually end up being unfinished and abandoned,maybe due to slight procrastination or something like that?

Then he vanished from OT for 1-2 years and came back.

Also if you know this young lad [Although there is a 99.9% chance you don't know him]. Drop in and say hi for no apparent reason at all! He will also participate in most OT interactives he sees on the front page of OT


  • He has a Steam
  • He has a gameboy advance,a DS Lite and a 3DS...he used to own a SNES when he was alot younger...oh and he has alot of gameboy/gameboy color and gameboy advance(?) games
  • He has a youtube channel
  • He loves anime and video games. For the former,he doesn't talk about it that much. For the latter,he WILL talk about it sometimes. Video games are awesome!
  • He also loves TV Shows. Mostly ones on A&E's just interesting
  • He loves playing Quest For Glory games (An Adventure-RPG Series made by Sierra)
  • He does not like bugs in real life. He also does not like spiders--oh gosh get that spider away from this page! Anyways,he won't try to freak out when he sees bugs though. He will just try to walk away slowly,trying to keep his cool
  • His favorite starter of pokemon sun and moon has got to be Popplio. Rowlet as the runner-up. Litten? Neutral towards it.
  • In general,his favorite pokemon is a frillish. Frillish frill!
  • He's still a teenager so he's prone to making stupid decisions (and most fo the time,regrets them). Isn't that normal with all other teenagers as well? There are also other bad flaws he has.

Current OT Interactives

Quest for glory series

An adventure-RPG interactive series which stars our wanna-be hero,Herp Derp on a quest a hero! Randy295 plans for at least 5 interactives [including the 1st one itself] in this interactive series. The title and the settings for the first two interactives [and some/most of the characters] are of course based on/inspired by the title/settings/characters of the actual quest for glory games.


Quest for Glory 1: So you want to be a hero? (Link) (Started: May 1,2016) (Ended: May 16,2016)

Quest for Glory 2: Arabian Nights (Link) (Started: May 16,2016) (Currently ongoing!)

Quest for Glory 3: An Archipelago Adventure (Not started yet)

Quest for Glory 4: ??? (Not started yet)

Quest for Glory 5: ??? (Not started yet)

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