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RealLightLuigiStar is a forumer who has achieved over 5,000 posts. He joined the forums in in April 2014. He is usually on S&I, OT, and VCG. His previous accounts include NiceSuperLuigi108, and LuigiDude400.

6/16/17 Account Hijacking

On June 6, 2017, RealLightLuigiStar noticed suspicious activity on his account. He lost 50 R$ with a Buzz Shirt transaction being found shortly after, The hats he was currently wearing were removed from his inventory, he found that his account was being used to spam "Unban Quackity" on RT. This was out of his control, as the hacker set a pin, preventing him from signing out the hijacker. Eventually, his account was b& for a day for spamming. He sent a letter to ROBLOX, which was eventually responded to. The support team member undid the pin settings, allowing him to get the PG'er out of his account and set a 2-step login to prevent them from getting back in.

Eventually, he found that the hacker also took him out of the groups he owned.

6/21/17 Post wiping

On June 21, 2017, all of RealLightLuigiStar's posts were CD'ed. This is likely because of being PG'ed and used to spam.

Response to 7/27/17 Forum "Upgrade"

A day after the forums were updated, RealLightLuigiStar left ROBLOX for good along with several other users who may have left ROBLOX due to the changes.


RealLightLuigiStar Recieved his first ban (1 Dayer) after trolling the Technical Help Subforum. He told players that they needed to delete System32 for their ROBLOX Player to work. This happened on April 1, 2014.

RealLightLuigiStar's Previous Account

NiceSuperLuigi108 is technically an alt of RealLightLuigiStar, as he is his previous account, but is used less, and owns less items. He has around 100 Posts. He has only received a 1 day ban for PA during the lockedserver incident for calling lockedserver an "autistic attention seeker".


  • He joined Off Topic on August 10, 2015 on NiceSuperLuigi108, while the Suicide Girl Incident was happening
  • The Longest ban he has recieved was a 3 Day ban for Harrassment via Forum signature.
  • 3 Versions of his forum signature were taken down for "Harrassment"

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