Richiesan has been an OTer since 2009. His original main was rich872, before it was deleted sometime in December 2010. He is hated by OT because he is currently minimodding throughout OT. It is unknown how many alts he has had in all, but it is known to be more than 40. The only 3 alts he has after he started foruming again in June 2013, were: 3456262, rihciesan, and RichieTheEvil007

On July 11th, 2015, he was hit by a car trying to cross a road. He says it was a genuine accident and that no charges need to be pressed against the driver. The car was totaled and richiesan spent a week in the hospital recovering.[1]

Known alts: rich875, rich876, robot1352.

  • No one knows his true age, despite his looks and voice, but could be a high school kid by his Instagram and Twitter.
  • Is called Richie by some of OT.
  • Met heartstrings in real life
  • On June 29, 2015, he was thought to have been one of the 1400+ phished by DominusTrex due to him being online at the time of the phishing.                                                                                 

Things he has done

  • Made an anti bullying group
  • He reports people today for all the bullying that they do to him
  • Is a minimod
  • Banned a lot of people

Side notes: