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Riley is an infamous troll in OT that's known for constantly spamming selfies, which often get deleted, several of her accounts have been deleted also. She was said to have suffered from Brain Damage

First Account

Riley's first account had TBC, she was normal til one OT'er decided to flame her, eventually, both of them got in a fight, and Riley began minimodding before that account was deleted.

Second Account

On Febuary 3rd 2014, Riley came back on a new account, which had BC, she came back to pretty much troll OT'ers, and made a return thread on OT, she then spammed several selfie threads before that account was deleted also.

Third Account

Riley made a third account in March or April, this time, it had no BC, she still posted several selfie threads.

Suspected Accounts

  • Rileylovesriley [ Active ]

Known Accounts

  • RileyAnastasiya [ Terminated ]
  • Riley4everr [ Terminated ]
  • Rileeyyy [ Terminated ]


Riley got in some heat when one OT'er claimed she supported animal cruelty and backed up proof by saying she made a thread in which she said she kicked her dog two times, the thread containing that info was later deleted, another OT'er said that the OT'er who made this claim was lying for a while.

Child Cruelty Story sent to firefeind1

firefeind1 posted a picture that showed Riley's PM to firefeind1 that describes her father forcefully making Riley give him a blowjob the other day at that time, OTPurpleRain said that if it was true, Riley would have probably ran away and contacted authorities to get him arrested.

The message

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