Rinwood123 is a nbc forumer that joined in December, 2011 but didn't start foruming until early July of 2014.

She often changes her avatar....

Her favorite oters are:

  • coolminer30,
  • captain_falcon,
  • slydexia,
  • whispersandechoes,
  • jonna2007


  • She loves amiibos alot. (ALOT.)
  • She likes super smash brothers, and sonic games
  • She is an OK sf'er (not great, nor bad.)
  • She has a dog

Post summary.

Rinwood123 is more of a user that replies then posts threads. Her posts are "decent"

She posts somewhat in the morning, and more in the US afternoon/night.

She used to have a siggy, but stopped using them after getting tired of using them.

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