Welcome to the wiki dedicated to the ROBLOX site's Off Topic Forum. As of now, we are the largest database for Off Topic info and users, with 1,097 articles regarding OT.

Please read the rules and guidelines before editing, adding to, uploading to, posting on, or otherwise interacting with this Wikia other than reading the content provided. Failure to follow the rules will result in moderation.

Contact Administration

There are currently 6 administrators (users with sysop privileges).

Admins list

Contact these administrators when...

  • You need a page locked for a reason.
  • You want to contribute info to a locked page.
  • You want a page deleted.
    • We will delete the article about your ROBLOX user/account upon request, but only yours. Proof of authorization is required.
  • There is a user who needs to be blocked.
    • Please provide a legitimate reason for blocking.
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Rules & Guidelines

The rules can be found here.

These mainly address user conduct, article rules and guidelines, misconduct, and blocks (bans).

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You can make your own page. Please do not ask others to make pages for you. Ask for help making pages on the Help Requests board.

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