Robloxhippychick is a OTer who joined in August 2012. She currently has around 1.9k posts on this account, but will now mainly forum on her alt 'SadMelon'. She has a few other alts, but will only use them to forum if SadMelon gets deleted or banned. The reason for her using SadMelon is her main getting a lot of warnings and wants to keep her moderation history clean.


A stated before, she joined Roblox in August 2012 on her main account, though she made an account in October 2011 which got hacked in mid-2012. She started foruming in late 2015. For a few weeks she mainly forumed on VGC, but moved to OT later.

One of her fondest memories of Roblox was on her old account when she went on the 2012 egg hunt.

Off Topic

At first, she lurked Off Topic but at around September-October she started posting. She is not that well known and has never seen herself on a favourite OTer list.

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