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Robloxisfornoobs21 is an OT'er that joined Roblox on November 16, 2014. He knew about Roblox for a few

years back, but finally decided to make an account. He started OTing in late 2014 and by months later he has grown accustomed and has over 1K post and it constantly rises everyday. He is known for making, edgy threads, flame wars, posting Le Lenny Faces, and other things. His name is very ironic, but he still plays Roblox and loves it. He hates going on to other sub-forums as his homeland is OT. Occasionally he will go on to RT, but only to do random things.

His primary group was "Click to Ban User". He actually has been warned as it being inappropriate.

Disliked OTers

  • Sandwichism (previously FrigidusSandwichus and iSandwiches)
  • ben102214
  • oddblooger
  • TheBuilderX124
  • redivian

Liked OTers

  • paylay
  • EasilySpooked
  • anyone who vandalizes OT incidents


  • SpareKash (main alt) 4k+ Posts, mainly used for botting.
  • Thunderdragon2121 ~75 posts
  • CrapFromMyButt (troll account)
  • AntiBumpBot (Terminated)
  • InnocentNoobAccount (Terminated)


  • ~σρ ιяℓ /Yu8YsBg | America 🌎 Runs 🏃 ON Lenny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), Welcome to Dunkin Lenny's!
  • ~I will prove to the world that banland is communist
  • ~Victim of Recent Moderator Terrorist Attacks | Add 4K



  • His fans are called the noob army.
  • He is in his own gang called "The First Class OT'ers".
  • He has made a game getting around 80 visits.
  • Most people hate him for his flaming nature.

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