Rucka Rucka Ali makes very good music, and is also an ID god.


Rucka Rucka Ali

Rucka and OT

OTers often quote Rucka, mainly his song that cause much controversy on Tumblr from 9 year olds One Direction fans which is "Zayn Did 9/11 ". Other notable songs that OTers like are Al Queadarection and I'm Osama. 

Other Songs By Rucka

  • I'm Really White, Dude
  • Just Like Black Peoples
  • I Love Michelle
  • All About That Rice
  • Let's Talk About Race
  • Wigger
  • I'm Not Racist
  • Eff Germany
  • Crapping
  • Ginger
  • I'm Just a Teenage Mutant, Ninja Turtle
  • Because I'm White
  • What the Black Says
  • I Have A Litte Cock
  • Coincidental Racist
  • Obama Been Watchin'
  • AMA on Reddit
  • Kim Jong Un Song
  • Minecraft Won't Add Inches
  • I'm Obama
  • Smack My Bitch
  • Brony Style (Ima Pedophile)
  • I Wanna Rape
  • My Name's Obama
  • If I Was Mongolian
  • Dago
  • Booty Call
  • We Drive Drunk
  • Ima Dirty Iraqui 
  • In The Jungle 
  • Free Kony, Dog
  • Some Black Guy
  • Did Jesus Kill My Mother's Baby?
  • My Korea's Baby
  • Hitler's Suicide Note
  • Without Jew
  • Yo Perry!
  • Jews & Faggots 
  • iLost My Jobs
  • SuperAIDS
  • Justin's Beaver
  • Fat Violent Dykes 
  • Osama Bin Found
  • Rebecca's Black (High Day)
  • Chalie Wins Over Japan
  • iWhack
  • Justin's Beaver The Movie
  • Whutchu Jewin' 
  • Eff Australia
  • Only 17
  • Justin's Beaver 2
  • Take Your Pants Off
  • I'm Afraid (of Blk Ppl)
  • We're all asian 
  • PETA
  • (We Need Some) White Kids
  • I Don't Like Old People
  • I Love Miniorities 
  • Taquitos 

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