The Start

On July 18 OTers Tzah and vampire decided to make a bait on Russia bombing USA in OT and seeing the OTers reactions.

The Bait

Tzah did the first bait in which he claimed to have saw war jets fly by his house. Many OTers assumed it was just training then vampire made one stating that he saw a Russian plane landing and releasing Russian troops. This somewhat scared some OTers.

The Results

More threads were being made by the minute soon after some OTers joined the act and made threads about it. By this moment OT was focused on the "Bombings" some OTers admitted they were afraid and didn't want this to happen. Soon after vampire made a breaking new thread. Soon after tons of OTers including one of the most hated OTers sorick got in the bait . They then took it as far as Obama getting r@ped by aliens and Vladimir Putin 1v1 Obama. Some people lied saying it was on Fox news. After an hour or so mods began deleting threads about it. Soon there was nothing left and the bait ended from there and vampire admitted that it was a troll made by him and Tzah.

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