Rusty1234 is a veteran user, who joined on November 28th, 2008, having been foruming since late 2009. He is 18 years old.

Previous Accounts

Before he created his now main account., Rusty has said he had an old account, that which he only used once, on April 3rd, 2007. Rusty has said that he "could not remember the password" to his older account.


Rusty doesn't use alts. Nor does he get banned.

Misc. Facts

  • He has Alektorophobia, the fear of chickens.
  • He is 5'7".
  • He lives in Washington State, USA.
  • He plays the electric bass.
  • He is openly bisexual.
  • He has had 5 cats at one time in the past.

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