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S3ba5 joined ROBLOX on 4/2/2010. Ever since he joined ROBLOX, hes only played games and spent time in his war groups. The first sub-forum he was active in was RT, but since ROBLOX changed the positions of both RT and ATR, he didn't notice the news and ended up staying in ATR. After getting bored of helping other people out, he soon decided it was time for change and went to VGF for a few months. After he was done with VGF, he decided to check on OT...

It was then that around 4/5/2014 s3ba5 decided to stay in OT. He is best known for his signature, "po pi po," claiming that he, "get pms about the meaning of it," and "why he chose it." S3ba5 is known to dress up in a tuxedo with purple sleeves, a pirates hat, some black hair and a band with feathers stuck to the back of it (left one green and right one purple). He also wears one of his favorite apparels on ROBLOX, the "Ellis Jeans."

He is greatly known on OT as being humourous and stupid (in a good way). He claims to have many alts, but his main alt being known as, "OriginalNooblet."

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