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Samiam2001 is an OTer with over 25,000 posts. He is known for holding 99% of all his OT parties at his place, and usually those places are copied.  Samiam used to an obsession with the pokemon Meloetta, just like when boynedmaster had an obsession with Emolga. He still has a group dedicated to Meloetta. He made scenario threads about Meloetta, and requested 67thave to start reposting about Meloetta. Sam is 12/13 since he was born in 2001.


Samiam2001 joined ROBLOX in June 15th 2010, and started foruming around 2010-2011. He is hated at some times, His signature is usually "ot party | EXCLAMATION MAAAAARKS!!!!!!!!!!", His games are infamous, They are usually copied, He is also infamous for his age, He was born in 2001, So he is 12 or 13 years old, which is considered too young for the forum by a few.

Nintendo Character Obsession

Samiam had an obsession with a Nintendo character like how YoshiFTW and boynedmaster do, So basically, YoshiFTW is obsessed with Monita, boynedmaster was obsessed with Emolga, and Samiam2001 was obsessed with Meloetta, a Pokemon character.

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