SatielPlayz is a summerbag OT'er that joined in late 2016, not too many people know him at the time he was writing this post. He is known by few for quoting a phrase such as "I was his leader in TEPS" and goes on to make a flamewar out of it, he doesn't stop until he realizes he's arguing on a kids gaming website and he looks like an immature 12 year old.

Satiel's real name is Cameron (ENTER LAST NAME HERE), he is currently 14, and spend his whole day on OT. Occasionally he goes to OT parties and is VERY quiet during them, if he ever talks he might meet a few people that like him, or despise him.

One of Satiel's first ever OT friends was History, he met him in an OT party a few weeks after he joined OT, and they quickly became friends and hit it off well with eachother, he shortly after joined an OT kik group and met many other OT'ers he liked, such as OfficialDerpyTime, lagio, Heartstrings (He feels biased about Heartstrings), CheyBlue, and others.

Satiel is "known" for poking fun at himself by saying things like "Am I relevant yet?" "I'm such an idiot omfg kill me now" and "I'm just like most of OT, but I don't rarely trashpost, I always trashpost", he does this because he thinks it's "funny" (He knows it isn't) and he just wants to fit in and meet friends, after all, this is the reason he joined OT.

Satiel has had a few YouTube accounts in the past, such as one named Dragon Tries or something, this youtube channel is where he met the OT'er tanlolo, but before he was an OT'er. Satiel and Tan hung out and made plently of YouTube videos together, they met on Catalog Heaven and Tan made his last debut in the last episode of "Treasures of Tyran", where they did not finish the game due to a bug, Tan then decided to move to OT in late / mid 2014, and Satiel never heard from him again.

Five or so years before Satiel was an OT'er, he had a main group of friends, these friends were nicknamed (By Satiel) : Bey, (Beybladebattle) who was hacked and never heard from again, Parsa, a 15-or-so year old, who is still active, but not on his main to this day and they still talk a bit, palk, (Palkia) Who was only seen once by Satiel, during Two Player Sword Fighting tycoon. During knowing these people Satiel's dad wasn't bankrupt like now, so he often bought them BC every month in return for a few favors / all nighters. Satiel lastly heard from this group of friends in late 2013.

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