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ScootaliciousofOT is a known OTer who started foruming in late 2012 on his former main Scootalicious. He is known for starting off by foruming as girl to produce more fame on OT. He revealed himself as guy about a month after he started foruming. He is known to have started several arguments with newcomers such as SaltyHippo and IDTalk. In December 2013, Scootalicious's account was terminated and he failed to appeal. Shortly after Scootalicious's termination, he made ScootaliciousofOT. He also had several alternative accounts but they were deleted except for his new main account.

Scootalicious now lurks the forums of OT but does not tend to make threads nor reply to other peoples threads.

  • ScootAAlicious - deleted
  • ScooterEX - deleted
  • ScootAliciois - deleted
  • ScootaliciousofOT - actively forums on this account

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