The September 25, 2013 Banning Incident (also known as "Termination day" or "A Day that will Live in OT Infamy" by other OTers) was a banning incident that resulted in numerous moderation actions over multiple known OTers.

The Incident

Not much is known about the incident, though it is assumed that the event was initiated by a minimod contacting the ROBLOX moderators. During this time, threads were Content Deleted, and multiple accounts were deleted for topics which typically cause no issues.

Later on that night, 191cash191 posted a thread about Adolf Hitler not causing the Holocaust. The moderators soon deleted the thread and terminated his account. 191cash191 came back on 222CASH222, claimed that the account was terminated for no valid reason, and later posted derogatory and sexual remarks about Builderman and Telamon. In another thread, he posted a hate speech about Creepy13YearOld, a new OTer. 222CASH222 was eventually terminated, though his alt, 181cash181 occasionally posts on OT.

OTer Moderation Action Additional Notes
skunkycat Termination Appeal was assumed to be denied
oucheys Termination Appeal was assumed to be denied
richmamne One-day ban Subsequently terminated. Some OTers believe he was reporting OT content.
ShotgunLogic One-day ban
EarthboundFTW One-day ban
JoshTheTiger3444 One-day ban
SkunkySammich Termination Skunkycat's alternate account. It is assumed that a post showing the termination message for her main account caused the termination on this account
EarnSomeRespect Three-day ban
EmpressHU Seven-day ban
sparky4679 Seven-day ban EmbressHU's alternate account
zanderich Seven-day ban
Goomba4444 Termination
Nehmeawad12 Termination
Flunken One-day ban
icrazy789 One-day ban
Yotroll IP ban
EarnSomeRespect2 Termination Assumed to have been successfully appealed and was unbanned on 9/23/2013
Strikeout8 Three-day ban
Laval1209 One-day ban
mcgoodrexeturer Termination
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