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Shadowfan682 is an OTer who joined in August of 2011. He is often interested in writing surreal stories often involving really violent details. He was infamous in Off Topic for quite some time until around 2016/17, which he considered his best years, although they were his (and everyone else on OT's) last. Since then, he has hibernated to 4 Discords, and is an active member of Boring's when he wants to be.

Fun facts

  • Shadowfan enjoys 90s era technology and games. He shares a fondness for 2000s era games, mainly due to it being the era he grew up in.
  • During his last two years on Roblox, he had been harassed by trolls, specifically Catman8321, Slayer9991, Kistvaen, etc.
  • Said trolls have gotten Shadowfan into some hot shit, i.e. reported him to police over death threats, doxxed him, harassed friends of his.
  • Shadowfan is also a writer who is into surreal horror.