Shorepoint (formerly matthew48) is a frequent OTer, known but not famous on the fourms. He is from New Jersey.

He was deleted on March 9th, 2016, but came back with a new account the next day, PCOptimizerPro, few months later, he changed it to Shorefront


Shorepoint has an interest in the following things

  • Valve (Valve Games, Steam, etc. i.e: Half-Life)
  • Vinesauce ( A team of streamers on
  • Computers
  • Alchestbreach ( A youtuber that plays various games such as Fallout Mods, Sims, Indie Games, and much more )
  • Bonzi Buddy


On the early morning of March 9th 2016 at approximately 4:22 AM, in the middle of a 7 day ban. Shorepoint was deleted for posting inappropriate content on ROBLOX. The post leading up to the 7 day ban was "i put my hand. in my pants"

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