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SimpleWayfarer is a well known very infamous OTer. He is very extremely conservative and is a radical right-winger. He absolutely hates LGBT people, mixed people, foreigners, immigrants, non-Americans, Muslims, and other non-whites. He thinks that the real threat to America is every other country in world, which he believes that US should invade every nation and nuke them and have the United States rule the whole world. He doesn't seem to give shit about minorities or anyone else in the rest of the world besides America. He considers socialists as communists, and calls liberals "libtards".

He even thinks that liberals should be thrown in jail just for simply being a liberal. He also blames and says that "Liberals are destroying America.". He also hates Islam and therefore thinks that it is a religion of pure violence. He is also ignorant when it comes to other religions such as Shinto, Buddhism, and Hinduism. He blames Mexicans for taking jobs from Americans. And blames Canada as the number one threat to America, and therefore believes that Canada should be nuked and all the Canadians should be then therefore genocide by America.

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