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Sinii (currently Hesperidium) lives in Alberta, Canada and is nineteen-years-old. He enjoys drawing other OTers and playing video games on his Steam account. He has an interest in language learning and he wants to travel the world.

He's both transgender and gay, and this has caused a lot of controversy on OT.

Also it is noted that he has recently been on RT.

Friends & Enemies

Sinii has made some friends and a lot of enemies on the Off Topic forums. He considers his best friends to be Ouendan, tnt91, and AhhTree. He added a lot of OTers on Steam and talks to them every day.

Most people who are his enemies have made him upset by calling him a girl and saying other anti-transgender things. However, Sinii is forgiving about this, if you agree to stop calling him by female pronouns.

Despite this, he has gotten along with some devout Christian OTers like Spydig and Tappier.

After he started posting on RT, he had unfortunately made some enemies from RT who stalk him often and try to "expose" him, but to no avail.

Account History

Sinii has many alt accounts and gets them deleted often. Some of his deleted accounts are Jess11, Sinii, GegenDenStrom, Abacaxi514, and Hesperidium. He no longer uses the forums, having disappeared one day. He prefers to be known as Sinii.

He joined OT in 2009 and stopped posting there in 2012 when his Jess11 account was deleted with 13000 posts. He then made an account called Sinii and used that on World Wide Chat, ROBLOX Global, then Global Chat. Sinii was a troll alt but got deleted when it had around 15000 posts. After Global Chat was deleted, Sinii started posting on OT again in 2015, but no one recognized him as Jess11.

In 2015, he first posted as VedatPasha, a troll alt. His alter ego VedatPasha fought with him on other accounts a lot. When VedatPasha got about 7000 posts, he decided to tell everyone it was him, and stopped using that account. Now he uses whatever alt isn't banned.

He says he has more scheme alts like VedatPasha that he uses on the forums, but these alts are unknown.