The "Site Offline" screen for ROBLOX

Every now and then, when ROBLOX needs to update or fix aspect of the site, servers, or Studio, they will go into site maintenance mode which prevents all Roblox users from accessing the website for a limited amount of time. Usually, it only happens for an hour or two during night. It is mainly done at night so that the least amount of players are affected. Frequently in the event of an impending maintenance, OTers will stay in OT Bunkers which are either threads and/or places to hide in from said maintenance. This cannot however protect the OTers from the maintenance as the places will usually be shut down moments after maintenance begins. However, on rare occasions or emergency maintenance, this will not happen. During maintenance, chat will break, so some bunkers use custom chat systems.

Unscheduled Maintenance

Very rarely, the ROBLOX site will randomly go down for maintenance. This only happens about twice a year. In some instances, the content delivery networks fail, meaning thumbnails and assets on the website will not load. On other times, all running games will shut down. On very few occasions, the site will end up showing only the maintenance screen. An example of unscheduled maintenance is the ROBLOX Maintenance Crash from 2014.
Maintenance banner

The typical orange maintenance banner

Site Maintenance on 02/18/2015

An example of site maintenance is on February 18th, 2015. The typical maintenance banner appeared on the site and stated that Roblox will be down for 2-3 hours from 5 AM EST.

Most OTers really didn't care since it didn't conflict with their "OTing time", but some headed to the OT bunker.

The majority of OTers, after not being in a game/place and instead foruming, were unable to use the site.

OT Bunker

A thread was started, telling everyone to get to the OT bunker. About 5-6 OTers joined.

OTers in the bunker:

  • Dogelold - Mutated into a noob and killed by shut down
  • Pepsimaxloversgone - Killed by shut down
  • StraylianVegemite - Mutated into a noob and killed by shut down
  • XxroboinvadexX - Mutated into a noob and killed by shut down
  • thatfedoradude - Killed by shut down
  • callumscool - Left the bunker
  • yoshiandgoomba2 - Left the bunker

There was a long wait for the maintenance to come and some OTers decided to leave.

The remaining OTers were bored and decided to punch each other, body swap and OD in the bathrooms.

The maintenance shutdown came around 20 minutes after the OT bunker was entered. The maintenance did not kick out the OTers in the OT bunker.

Due to the maintenance, the chat was broken, but there was a mic so the OTers could talk.

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