Her avatar.

Skyaotic, or rarely referred to as xRareSky, is an OT'er that joined OT around November 2014. She has been on ROBLOX since 5/16/12 (or even earlier, due to her discovering ROBLOX in 2011 on another account).

Those who have been around OT for quite long enough may have noticed her 'DOODLING AN OT'ER' posts whereas she may hand-pick or draw the first few posters that post on her thread.

Skyaotic is also a Cryaotic fan (hence the Aotic part in here name). Her buddies mainly include Eunit (who she refers to as 'Grandpa'), ZEEBGAMER, Brightview12, Godzilla2321, Hivebent, Paradogma, Snaili, and DoctorPwnda. She mostly browses Reddit in her free time, 4chan, or is practicing her manga doodles.

Another thing about Skyaotic is that she purposely may type without punctuation due to the laziness she encounters when typing. She is also noted to be a fast typer, or a keyboard warrior.

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