SlimeWare (or Slime) is a OTer that previously OTed on the account mariowillpay. Mariowillpay was deleted on 2 Aug 2014 and he has been using SlimeWare as his main ever since. He started OTing ever since the 2012 apocalypse scare posts were banned from OT back in 2012. Before deletion he had 5000+ posts on mariowillpay. He also forums in ATR and VGF. He has quit ROBLOX in March after the horrible "Egg Hunt" and has since come back to be welcomed by fellow OTers.

Previous Account

His previous account (mariowillpay) was deleted on 2 Aug 2014 for no good reason really. Before deletion he was liked by the OT community but now he is mostly forgotten. Although, he is making a comeback so maybe things will change.


Old look


Previous Account mariowillpay


He had a lot of signatures, here are some of them

Earliest one "Meh cows name is jeff the killer cow."

Before deletion "The contents of a liver sausage will always be a mystery"

After deletion "The contents of a liver sausage will always be a mystery| Add 5000 more posts from mariowillpay ~SlimeWare"


  • iPhones
  • 80s pop
  • Winamp
  •  :3 Face</blockquote
  •  :D Face
  • Scarfs
  • Caddicarus
  • RebelTaxi
  • All youtubers in his subscription feed.
  • South Park
  • MLP
  • YTP
  • Sauce


  • Online daters
  • General arseholes
  • Kebab
  • People who draw polandball comics without reading the subreddit rules
  • Xbox
  • Microsoft
  • Furrys
  • Roblox Moderators
  • Christians
  • Religious arseholes