SliverwireEX is a semi-popular OTer who made his appearance in 2008 as "unknown account name" who moatly trolled and cause minor incidents on OT. He posted mock post and bait threads that lead to his Poison Ban in 2010, on the same day he was terminated he reached a post count of 16,000. He considers himself a 'social outcast'.

On September 10, 2011 (Sliver wanted his return date to be on 9/11) Sliver returned as the name davidwick123 to troll Online Daters at Boy's and Girl's Hangout. He was nearly banned for 3 days after the owner complained to ROBLOX mods. Sliver stopped trolling after the warning.

He returned to the forums not annoucing his return to OTers. Until 2016.

SliverwireEX has not been invovle in any raids or incidents since 2012, he prefered to observe and watch the mayhem. A known suspicion is that SliverwireEX was in the c00lkids group when they decided to hack.

SliverwireEX's normal wear includes a Dark Age Ninja's hood, Snake Eyes, a Black Shirt and black pants(?).

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