Slurpeguy is an OTer who posts on OT what seems like every day. He mainly posts on SlurpeguyV2 as of today, and siurpeguy when banned. He originally joined ROBLOX as gamy99. Gamy99 was deleted in December 19th 2015 because of this.

Slurpeguy was the account that was his main but got deleted on August 16th 2015. When slurpeguy acquired an account deletion, he started to get many of his alts deleted. He's chilled out and gets deleted far less often than he used to.

Foruming History

10/1/13 - He made his first post, though he can't remember what it was. Supposedly, the only thread in which he can still remember that he made on that day was:

7/??/14 - Slurpeguy made his first post on OT. He was disliked by virtually everyone there, due to the fact that he constantly trashposted

10/25/14 - He made his first ever bait thread which was pretty successful,

1/16/15 - Slurpeguy hit 3k forum posts

2/??/15 - At this specific time, slurpeguy only posted OT Parties to the squares or some unremembered places.

8/16/15 - Slurpeguy got deleted for making a Sunday to do list. This made slurpeguy feel slightly and temporarily depressed. After slurpeguy was deleted, he started getting deleted more often.

12/24/15 - He made an absolutely retarded thread reading,"If this gets 1,000 replies eye will do what 3rd poster says." The third poster told him to walk around the house naked while recording. People doubted that the thread would ever get 1,000 replies, but people replied to it en masse, and it reached 1,000 replies the day after the thread was created.

12/29/15 - Recorded himself walking around his house without any clothes on.


Slurpeguy was not aware of what subforums were at the time that he started foruming

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