Slydexia is an OTer most stitched to controversy, often recognized for their username or a few outfits they wear from time to time. Slydexia spent most of their time on the forums getting into arguments and flamewars. As a result, many OTers end up holding a grudge against Sly. Slydexia hasn't made it clear whether or not they're serious, especially with what may be considered by some to be inappropriate or offensive statements. Despite his/her chaotic and cruel behavior, people also call him/her out on her spamming. It is unknown what gender this user is, as they flip-flop on the story frequently.

Slydexia's posts consisted of what may or may not be considered flamebait about sensitive topics.

Slydexia was deleted on 11/8/16 due to Hate Speech. It has been decided by admins that the deletion was deserved. Slydexia's attempt to appeal the moderation action has been declined. Moderators used a self-written edit of this page as proof that they were notorious for spamming and offensive content. 

 roblox is #1 gaem 

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