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The smiley virus is a fad that was started by BUILDERBASE

It all started when BUILDERBASE made a thread about starting a new virus. He convinced a bunch of people to buy a bunch of smile shirts. Then a bunch of sad people opposed being happy and started posting a bunch of Anti-Smiley posts all over OT. This started a war in OT

Find the Smiley group here:

Find the Anti-Smiley group here: [1] .


  • Being happy
  • Smiling permanently
  • Loss in stress


Rumored that Anti-Smilies were currently making a vaccine, though it is not confirmed. Paradogma once spoke out against making vaccines saying that "they don't work".

One way to get rid of it is to get bipolar depression. The mood swings destroys the virus inside you. But you also die of depression too.

Known infected

  • 226611 (tried to cure himself but turned pink and went from :) to :D)
  • ordinarygaming
  • FemaleGuest666 (a spy and not a real smiley*gasps*)
  • FlamingIt
  • MRhoffffman
  • iiMechanicalAnimal
  • historyrocks321/historyrocks123
  • Slumberous
  • crs100 (Was an Anti-Smiley but was infected later)
  • wolverinex345 (CURED ITS A MIRACLE)
  • Aveeo (looked for a cure but was infected)
  • Micronexum(attempted to talk sense into the smileys, later infected)
  • eagle250
  • NotANormalRobloxGuy


  • Sgtextremepepsi
  • Rymanator10 (Had a hazard suit on)
  • Bradybot07'
  • spt188 (later quit because everyone keeps Godmodding to where no cures are available.)
  • ChubbyBunny123
  • PurpleOutcast (Main promoter of Anti-Smilies)
  • oddblooger (The Immune One)
  • mathisawesome (Made the Anti-Smilies group, but has not taken much other effort to help cause)
  • Paradoma (The Slayer of the Smilies)
  • stmaarten1778 (the one who drives the spy car)
  • Kart345 (The Idiotic One, But Left due to boredom)
  • bboopoop (The once infected idiot with all their plans)
  • LeafMasterDavid (Later infected but didn't dress as a smiley)
  • vendettathesixth (was going to participate, but lost interest)
  • dedpandipper6567 (worked on a cure)

As of 2017

A rather unknown oter named Darknyantheshadow took over the Smiley group. uploaded an image of a cropped ROBLOX 2010 commercial and changed the ranks to "cucu" "hail darknyantheshadow" and "king darknyanzishadow". gave everybody the highest rank and commented on the group saying "darude saas". The main post is now "nobody was cured the end" and the description is "why would we get smiley toolbar -danknyantheshadow im going to make ot proud oooo dayumn make me happy for a cookie"

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