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Kieran Hunt, (AKA SnippyTrip) is a user on the Roblox Off Topic subforum. He has around 500 posts. He claims to be

The most unloved OTer ever to grace the earth. He also created a mock religion called Clamish, a spoof of Amish.

He is also a firearms dealer in OT, creating posts titled "Kieran's Magical Illegal Firearms Shop"

mostly due to his high inactivity, he seems to be forgotten


Kieran used to have an alt called TrippySnip, but was terminated after talking about mods. He has a new alt calledCocoaButterCraving.​​

Personal Life

SnippyTrip is a butthurt emo shit who likes MLP XD Kieran is 11. Nobody seems to care. Jonas also lives in Canada.(Which people also don't care)

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