Soggyhands is an active OTer with ~1000 posts and counting. He is frequently seen throughout the day but not always addressed.

History of Soggyhands

Soggy joined ROBLOX in 2009 on an account called Knockout987, who has since been PGed. A few years later in 2012, he started to post on OT with multiple accounts. Since then, he was a frequent visitor to the forums and was mainly on OT. But in mid 2014 he quit due to one of the OT incidents, resulting in all of his accounts to be terminated, followed by an IP ban of two weeks. Since then, in February of 2015, he joined ROBLOX again with this account. He is currently an active OTer as of June and is only known to some.</p>

Discrimination against Free Will

Soggyhands is only known to some OTers, but others neither dislike or like him. He will often enter front-page games, and when he does, Soggy is often portrayed as an ODer, disgusting, and of course, naked. When young kids see his sexy muscles, they will often scream bloody murder and attempt to make him leave. Soggy will take this to his advantage, and will go into group places to see the reactions of the people there. He believes these places work best because they are meant to be formal and everyone must behave as an employee would. Most times staff there will call to higher ranks and an admin will swiftly ban him. Otherwise he will act as if he is doing nothing wrong and asking why they are getting angry and disgusted. He has complained about this in threads asking "Why can't we be free with the clothing we wear?" or "How does a person determine whether a ROBLOX character is naked or not based on what shirt they are wearing?". Although all of this happens to him, he does not care anyway.</p>


He is supposedly nakedHe is discriminated against for his nakedness</p>He has hot abs, yo</p>Some of his opinions are controversial with the OT community, but doesn't speak out much.</p>He got banned in June 2015.</p>


A lot

Events of Discrimination since June 13, 2015

  1. Soggy said a harmless joke and Littlespace123 said "Gtfo this is a site for kids" in response to his avatar. Soon after Jade2024 followed this by saying "You look like a f@g".
  2. After seeing Soggy's apparel, DavidTheAwesomeness said "WTH ARE YOU DOING LOSER GET SOME CLOTHES ON"

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