OT's Blue Chicken because screw you.

–SonicTheHedgehog216's signature as of 9/30/15

SonicTheHedgehog216 has been on OT since 2013. He is not liked by everyone, but generally gets along with others. He has participated in raids and been in a recent incident. He is the self proclaimed "Blue Chicken of OT"

Corgi Chicken War

On 10/4/15 Puppy2233 and 3DSPuppy started spamming about corgis, annoying multiple people. Eventually SonicTheHedgehog216 started saying how chickens were better pets than corgis, gaining many followers. In the end, Corgis got more haters than likers that day.

Alternate Accounts

  • SonicsAlt
  • LostSoulOfDreams
  • LostSouldOfDreams
  • BIadestorm
  • RestOfSTH216sSong
  • SonicSpree
  • SlicerTheSpy
  • TempleNinjasContest

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