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sonicfangalt was originally the main alt of 2012 OT'er Grayssake/OTPurpleRain before the account Grayssake/OTPurpleRain was deleted for a L2D thread about AIDS, and ever since said deletion, sonicfangalt became his main, but still is technically an alt, he plans on changing the alt's name if he gets BC and 1k robux on it again

The alt's current avatar as of October 1st 2014


The alt originally belong to an old friend of his before his OT'er days, while his original account and other long lost alt that sits abandoned to this day were compromised by some kid, his old friend gave him the account, and ever since that day, he used it as an alt for whenever Grayssake/OTPurpleRain got banned, of course, now he uses it as his main since his original main was deleted

When he first used it on the forums, circa early 2012, he basically acted like a typical new OT'er, not surprising, considering he was 10 at the time, and he also began minimodding, but stopped once he recovered his account, and somewhat actually became decent over time


  • Along with getting BC for his main, he also got TBC for his alt, pretty much a waste of money
  • Even on his alt and such, he doesn't really want to be reminded of his past on his alt back in early 2012, seriously, he regrets it as much as his old 2010 club penguin twitter account
  • Despite the name, of course, he isn't really a fan of Sonic, besides him thinking Sonic Adventure was somewhat decent, which is why he plans on changing the alt's name some time soon
  • The alt has 14k in post count, leading to about 40k or 50k post conut in total if you add it with his original deleted main's post count (32k)
Find out about more info on him here, on his main page, which is a little outdated proably also

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