Soniclover88888 is a relatively new OTer who joined in 2013. He currently has about 6,300 posts, with more (approx. 1,200) on his alts. He is a frequent user of the subforum and is present throughout most of the day (most prominently during afternoon and night OT).

Soniclover88888 has a surplus of alts, all of which can be found here. He is also known for making T-shirts of iconic people or characters making stupid faces, and calligraphy.

Soniclover88888 was banned indefinitely and now resides on his other 2008 alternate account, supasonic7.

Foruming Career

Soniclover88888's original account, supasonic7, was unknown on the forums and practically everywhere else, with only 4 posts, no limiteds, and no impact on much anything else. Now that he has been banned, it is his main account- with about 100 posts.

Soniclover88888 joined the forums in late 2012 as an LMaDer, and stayed there for 700 posts. Afterwards he joined ATR, where he achieved a total of around 850 posts before moving to OT. He found ATR too military-esque. Soniclover88888 has been foruming on Off Topic since summer of 2013. He has had two long periods of inactivity, one before 1800 posts and another before 3400 posts.

Soniclover88888's posts have been amassed with much critical acclaim such as "what", "they're okay", and "it's fine".

Fun Facts

Soniclover88888's account is from early 2008 (pre-square studs).

Soniclover88888 is, in fact, an alternate account of an earlier user, Supasonic7. Supasonic7 joined on January 9, 2008 and was PGed on January 7, 2012. Supasonic7 was given back to him mid-2015 and now is his main account.

Soniclover88888's LMaDing career was profitable; at one point he owned over 87K in limiteds.

Soniclover88888's favorite forumer is deltav.

Soniclover88888 was banned for account theft.


One of sonic's earlier outfits

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