Sonrick98 is an OTer who is obsessed with Vocaloids and Kagami from Lucky Star. Back then, he used to be obsessed with My Little Pony. Many people don't like him because he usually spams threads about him and his Vocaloid pals.

Alternate Accounts

His one known alt is YokinaHato, named after his original character, Yokina Hato.


Sonrick at a glance Current look as of 8/15/14

Sonrick has not been suspected of trolling with alts.


  • HECK NO! Magazine, as a supervisor
  • Vocaloid Fans, as a fan
  • when bored you i find the answers, as the answers (Owner)
  • Wyattism, as Vesa Hoskala (Owner)
  • Yokina Hato (fangroup), as Yokina Hato (technical owner)

    Sonrick98 as of February 2015

    Wow is yokina

    An old version of the Yokina Hato model for the MikuMikuDance software.

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