SpaceMohawked, commonly known as 'Space' is commonly known for drawing OTers' avatars in Sketchtoy. Popular amongst the ever-few midnight OTers but striving to achieve a familiar face among the rest of OT, his Eastern residence bars him from bringing back the glory he once had.


Created as an alt in 1/24/2015 for a twitch promo hat, it's hard to think this alt will be a main someday. Since it's the only one to not be verified with an email, it was safe from a poison ban that occurred to d5v during December 2015. Left with no forum accounts and because of last month's termination of PolynomiaI, he decided to quit ROBLOX altogether. He wasn't alone though, he also caused the termination of Blazerainer due to his association with the account. He came back in May 2016 during his summer break.

Verified Alts

So far Korenomial, iPolynomial, YayDeutschland, t0_ot, and tbm are his official alts.

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