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Spt188 was an OTer who joined on December 9, 2011, and is neutral between the community, but generally liked. As of October 15th he has become an RTer and quit OT.


He is generally liked in the community by most members. Although generally nice on OT, he isn't so nice with flamewars.

Believed to have depression, he has caused 2 incidents where he had supposedly committed suicide. Despite this, he is usually happy.


Ouendan Conspiracy Incident

On one day of OT, spt188 made a thread called "THREADS THAT DISPROVE THE OUNEDAN CONSPIRACY" Various threads were made about it, managed to make a few people mad, and he is still not forgiven to this day.

The "Streets" Incidents

There are a few incidents involving spt188 and streets, and we're sure they're ok now.

Spt188 Fake Suicide Incident

Supposedly Spt188 faked a suicide to see what OT would think. Somehow Streets got in the middle of the crossfire, although spt claims he never meant to do that.

The Midnight Quit

Spt188 was going to quit to make streets quit. However, as spt couldn't look in OT at all, Streets tried to make spt188 quit. Eventually Viriiska saved spt188 by exposing streets.


Tappier Army (Rank: TAPPIER COUNCIL)

Generally associated with the Tappier Army, spt188 has managed to created to flamewars with tappier army. i think he solved them.

Bulba Empire (Rank: Ambassador)

He joined this group when he had solved the war between Tappier Council and Bulba Empire.

HECK NO! Magazine

takes this group seriously for some reason.

Off Topic Youtubers

He uploads videos.

Likes And Dislikes (yay)


  • GammaGeek
  • budderfishman007
  • anyone who's not a baiter
  • dance central/justdance
  • terraria
  • stop reading this


  • Baiters
  • slayer9991
  • people when they say terraria copied off minecraft

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