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He has posted somewhat nonsense threads and posts, had a pet dog that escaped and died, and is cause of people quitting ROBLOX. He often insults people he hate until they quit. He often participates in raids and is quite active.

His first post was on OT, clearing that he was an actual OT'er. He then trolled on ATR and RT. He has Ombrophobia, and likes the Mega Man series. He likes investigating places in ROBLOX or real life, but he's a total wussy.

Srengsina is an Off Topic Forumer who has been noticed around OT. He claims to have an 08'er account which was PG'ed. This is still unconfirmed.


  • He was once hacked, and this triggered a bot where he would copy MadSanity's posts.
  • He is sometimes thought of being a female, mainly because of his username.
  • His name is his real name in real life

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