It all started on the 14th July 2017 when everyone was sent a strange message in the news section of their inbox, detailing that most of the subforums (Roleplay, Off Topic, Suggestions And Ideas etc) would be rolled into larger subforums such as ROBLOX News and Discussion (RN&D). This sparked outrage among all subforums that were going to be merged. The S&I subforum was rife with protests against this update, with many of the smaller ones (like the one Epikrika made[1]) getting deleted and their owners either receiving a warning or a ban. However, it is possible to view old forum posts via their links, just as how you can still view posts on Forum 49 today.

RN&D is born/The Battle Of RN&D

At around 10:36 AM PST (5:36 PM, Coordinated Universal Time), RN&D was created. Many OTers flocked to the subforum, along with users from other subs such as RT, ATR and S&I. War started between OTers, RTers, ATRers, S&Iers and the other removed subs. It became so bad that no normal thread could survive for longer than a few seconds before getting pounded off the front page by militaristic posts. Eventually, the fight died down as OT and ATR became the majority with RT and S&I becoming obscure on RN&D.

An RN&D wiki was created soon after.

Other Subforums

Surprisingly, very few forumers moved to C&G and instead moved to RN&D. The forumers moving to LMAD were treated poorly due to the immaturity of a lot of LMADers, with death threats and insults being spammed on any thread breaking the formula of LMAD, causing LMAD to gain a significant hatedom on RN&D.

A few forumers attempted to move to Help And Technical Support (H&TS) Game Design (GD) and Scripts (S), but probably left after getting warnings for off topic posts.

OT's Reactions

The OT Legacy

The OT legacy was a group founded by boring and within 3 days has quickly grown to 314 members, making it the second biggest OT related group, about 100 members behind Off Topic!. This group even contained an OT discord.

Keep Off Topic Alive

A group founded by Rockybow. Keep Off Topic Alive (KOTA for short) managed to get 121 members. Rockybow pledged that for every member, he would put in 65 robux towards the group, so he has to put in 7,865 robux so far.


Many OTers didn't know what to do now that OT was gone, so they quit or either just retired from the forums.

  • Times_Zero (Yet still active, despite forums removed. Now officialy retired from foruming)
  • Alexdevs (Not active, rarely visits, now sticks to Steam)
  • kireida (Possibly still active, now retired from foruming)
  • BattIefists (Quit for around three months, however returned)
  • Aveeo (Stuck around for a few months after the merge, then quit. Now goes by Xmara on NationStates.)

Official forum closure.

On December 4th 2017, a thread was pinned on RN&D regarding the closure of the forums, the forums will be officially closed on Monday, December 11th 2017.

A quote of the forums follows here.

Dear Robloxians,

As the community continues to grow and evolve, our vision is to create an environment where everyone is welcome to share their passion for Roblox. The current structure for our Forums does not allow us to maintain the high standards that we feel are so important for nurturing a constructive and positive environment.

After much consideration, we've made the decision to close these public forums. Please consider using these alternative communication methods:

There are groups that are available to serve as places for discussion and collaboration on any topic or interest. You can even create a new group for any topic that doesn't exist yet. You can search for a group here: or create new groups here: You can also advertise your group to engage with others with your interests.

Our developer forums have read-only sections available where all users can read about important game development and platform announcements:

You can always catch-up on the latest news and features here at our blog:

We’re committed to providing players with a place where they can continue safely engaging in interesting discussions about playing and creating amazing experiences on Roblox. This coming year, we'll be investigating options to re-build forums that better serve you, our community, and our goals in providing a safe and constructive environment. As of today, the Forums will be read-only. Please save any content that you might want to keep as these public forums will be closed on Monday, December 11, 2017.


As promised, the forums were officially closed on December 11th 2017.

If you try to access the forums, you receive this message.


  • Many OTers decided to move to C&G , RN&D , LMaD, etc or just quit foruming and possibly ROBLOX forever.
  • The Battle Of RN&D is possibly the most serious event in ROBLOX history, with it being a tie between OT and ATR.
  • Various factors that could have led to the downfall of S&I include S&Iers flocking to the discord, the bans from the protests (S&ITremor) and the lack of a centralized "community" for S&I like ATR, OT and RT.


  1. [1]
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