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supasonic7 is the alternate account of soniclover88888 . supasonic7 has taken his place since the indefinite ban (for account theft) of soniclover88888. supasonic7 is actually his first account, made on Jan 9 2008 whereas soniclover88888 was made on Feb 1 2008. He has no previous accounts.

Foruming Career

Supasonic7 is a recently used account having only 4 posts since 2012. The original use of the account was from 2008-very early 2012, where it was stolen through password guessing (PGing). Now that it is being reused (since late august 2015), the account has nearly 100 posts.

The rest of supasonic7's foruming career can be found on his precursor's OT wiki page.

Fun Facts

supasonic7 is from 2008 (pre square studs).

soniclover88888 was banned for extended periods of time before his termination. Once in 2014 as a two-week IP ban, and yet again over a 7-day period for hate speech against an admin.

supasonic7, on soniclover88888, was originally a LMaDer. His LMaDing career was profitable; at one point he owned over 87,000 ROBUX in limiteds.

supasonic7's favorite forumer is deltav.

An outfit of soniclover88888, supasonic7's preliminary account

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