Super64 Dance Party00:46

Super64 Dance Party

Super64 joined Roblox in late December of 2007. He used to be comically rude and make OPs angry, but as times went by, he was found as quite the polite person.

One of his shippings include Emilylacee, a popular OT'er. He was also known to be in several of the famous 'DiamondDragonair's' stories. 

Emilylacee and etc. 

Emilylacee and Super64 were believed to be in a forum relationship. However, it is unknown if they are still together in 2013. It also is believed and he is sometimes paired with DiamondDragonair.

Super64 Quitting. 

On February 18th, 2013, Super64 made a thread saying that he was quitting. He stated that "This isn't to get grades up, or anything like that." on the thread, causing noticable distress amoung OT'ers that knew him. However, he was seen online in March and still forums on and off. He was also Post wiped a couple days later. 

Super64 Avatar

Super64 as of July 2013

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