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SuperFrankPIgWasHack is a user who joined on the 22nd of August, 2014. He first became an OTer in late March, 2015. He is known for his friendship with EvilaMel and hardcoremenace667770

He has been banned twice and accumulated eight warns, seven of which were obtained through OT. He is also one of the three confirmed Australian OTers, the others being EvilaMel and hardcoremenace667770. He is the only one to confirm he was born in Australia. He is not afraid to express his opinion and this usually lands him in flame wars. He has confirmed that he is rather fond of lolimp and made a game for him, named ODer Open Season He has mild psychosis in real life.


  • He once had a fight with REDIVIAN over how lame weather he is lame, he lost.
  • He is 12. He hates him self for that reason.
  • He made his first account in 2009, but it was hacked.
  • His ALT is TheAltiestPig
  • He says he once got a warn for posting a Lenny face.
  • He likes Pokémon, and makes theories about it.
  • He is an Atheist and believes science can answer everything.
  • He is asexual, meaning he is not attracted to males or females.

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