Joined: April 2, 2014

Total post: Hundreds range

Blurb: "Hello. I am the kinda ForumGame."

Status as of April 2014: "Oliviajj1337 is not my princess"

Status: MISSING AS OF APRIL 19, 2014










Known for: Possibility of being ForumGame; Posting dumb and inappropiate comments and threads; Online Dating inappropiately; Stalking random people; Harassing people; Accusing elsa as a murderer.

Known people stalked as of April 2014:




Fact: SuspiciouslyNoob was originally a girl when he posted his first threads and comments, in an ODer grammar and stalked qdhxx.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 11.43.30 AM

PM'd screenshot of him before his dissapearance.

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