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TaurusReborn is a active OTer. He likes to develop games. He strolls around on OT and makes posts trashing kids and calls some wrong threads "faulty". He is known to hate false developers, making many threads saying to mass report some. His best online friend is thelegoboy8732489, a OTer who he followed and has been his friend since late 2014 and currently has around 13k forum posts. He doesn't have any favorite or hates any OTers. He is 16 years old.


TaurusReborn started to forum on his original account in August of 2014, with his main account MetropolitanTaurus. After he acquired 2,000 posts, the account was phished, so he started foruming on his alt, TaurusReborn.

After foruming for 1 and a half years, Taurus left the forums for around 7 months before appearing again in late December, 2016, since then he has been in the group Serbposters.

Time in Serbposters

Shortly after the Serbian-Meme Mafia war began, Taurus defected from ot elite force, since it appeared it was dying. He has been involved in some conflict, but has been in the group for a few months.


Taurus does not get banned that often, the last time he was banned was around a month ago. But he was involved in a flame war with Invictiums which lasted almost 10 pages.

Since he is in Serbposters, he has "Remove Kebab" in his siggy, which is technically an anti-muslim slur.

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