TelaTowers is a fad that started in 2011. It is based on a made-up game where you have to climb the TelaTowers, which is supposed to have a nearly infinite amount of levels, all the way to the top to challenge Telamon (Shedletsky).

The fad generally died out in 2012, but has still been popping up occasionally ever since.

It has recently been brought back from the dead on RT, and has crossed over to other subforums. The newer joke entails that there is a "premium" version of teletowers, and it can affect text to be invisible to non premium teletowers users. The joke sentence is this: [You must have a Telatowers™ platinum account to view this.] This is in reply to someone asking what teletowers is, or a so called link to telatowers.


When writing a thread of this type, the original poster writes something like "I'm stuck on level #" in the title, and then describes the problem. Other people are then supposed to respond with a solution to the said problem. While keeping the thread going, the original poster can either keep going on the level by adding in more problems or choose to 'move on to the next level' (in other words, end the thread).

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