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ThatOneRacer is an OT'er that has recently rejoined OT in 2015. He is seen in a Doge Mask and an Action Figure package most of the time. He doesn't make too many threads on OT.

Join Date- 4/17/2008

Post Count- Around 1,500

Membership- OBC

Primary Group- Shadow the Hedgehog Fan Club

Previous Usernames- AwesomeMan68

Least Favorite OT'ers- Slydexia & Alicia2006

His personality is rather arrogant, due to the fact that when he forms an opinion, he claims it is unbreakable. His biggest and most controversial claim he that he believe that bait is not real. He also believes in equal rights for bronies and furries, and that doge is not a dead meme. Because of his unpopular opinions and his commitment to them, some users think ThatOneRacer's ego is too big.

There is also a positive side to ThatOneRacer. He formally replies to people post if they don't get on his nerves. However, to the lack of good threads, he doesn't do this often. In the end, his negative side shows through more often.

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