Thatsawesome was a famous female OTer. She was active in Off Topic from May 2010, until very recently when she quit in November 2012. She continues to lurk the forums on an alt.

Before OTEdit

Thatsawesome originally joined Roblox on a different account in 2008. Her account "Thatsawesome" was not created until early 2010, and this is when she began to forum on OT.

OT CareerEdit

Thatsawesome quickly rose to fame mid-2010 alongside other famous OTers like LunaScamander and Aderessa, who were both popular at that time. Quite simply, and unexplainably, she became one of the most famous female OTers of all time.

It is known that she was friends with Vunro in real life, because of a famous hug-tackle incident in which Thatsawesome actually broke Vunro's leg.

In October 2011, Thatsawesome was involved in a fad which consisted of people becoming "clones" of Thatsawesome by changing their avatars to look exactly like her's.

By the time she quit, Thatsawesome had over 50,000 posts. She is in the top 100 posters of all time and is on Zakro's list of OTers.


Thatsawesome continued to forum until late 2012. Then she quit OT. She has yet to state a reason as to why she has quit foruming on OT, although it is confirmed that she continues to lurk about the forum on an alt.

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