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teh seckiest man aliev

TheBlueHydra is an British OTer that has been a ???(previously joniedman) (since the great influenza virus of 1918. This may not be a real fact.). He is well known for his passion for grape juice and his dearest friend nentendoe2sd.(This entire paragraph was to hard to correct so it's probably fake.)

When carbohydrate joined offtopic he was a mostly unknown, as like all otters. But as time want on, he gradually became everyone's favorite otter (Most likely fake, due to some idiot messing this up.). It is now the law that everyone that are an tore 2 have a poster of him "posing" naked. (This thing is entirely crap, I'm just trying to update this.)

Tehbrawnhardur hez mani enturists. Deez includ btu r nat limitd toe:

  • pleyin vadio goimz
  • reedign
  • makin yootub vadeos
  • prezi adilf hatlor
  • hevin satanik rituelz
  • raepen and eetin bebes nd keds

daredhydir haz at leest 18 birrion psots and msotly farums in aff tapic, btu he haz been seen in vedeo gaem fanz, the blaxcan tootyfurteen farum adnd the malticultural farum where he psots derogitary tings 2wards niggers.

wen nat usin teh rabix, thayallowpikmen lieks to use steem, skyip, miencraft, ot_chatroem 1 and clab pengolin.

hee alsoe hez a yootoob chanil wer he makiz vedeoz abawt peeshit gaems. Yoo shud subskrieb OR ELSE I'L KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP AND FUCK YOUR CORPSE.

ovural, da renbow snek gets teh rter ratin of 6 kfc bargin backits/ben prunty. 

him irl inst he sexiiii?!

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