TheCrazyRavioli as of September 27th, 2014

About TCR 

TheCrazyRavioli is a known OTer on the subforum "Off Topic" he is known for being called a ClanOTer, as he is in many clans such as the group "USA". He is in love with the game toontown and he has a lot of friends, most of them he met in OT.

He joined OT in November of 2011, he had 24K posts before, but it is unknown who he is.

He goes by the name "Ravi" or "Ravioli."

If you call Ravioli "TCR", he will get mad at you, unless you are a close friend.

He was known for having a huge argument with shalomimshelley/ Litemare but the war died out by 3+ pages or so.

Relationships with TheCrazyRavioli


StreetsofSimCity back then, they eventually grew to become great friends as they hosted PBS's together and they are infamous with the quote "wow!!" that they always say together in surprise.


Ravioli and ObakeKizuato have been good friends for a while now, but like him and streets, they never got along and got into arguments a lot, but her and him became best friends and are now hosting PBS's together with StreetsofSimCity and sparkliest.


sparkliest is one of TheCrazyRavioli's favorite OTers and best friends, but they do tend to get into arguments sometimes in skype chats, but they eventually forgive eachother and become friends again.


Jonny and Ravioli are good friends and usually joke with eachother and get into arguments about Toontown and Ravioli gets offended, but they are jokes and Ravioli stops bitching about it. The jokes are also hilarious and amazing and jonny is a true comedian.

More Friends 





Famous Quotes 

"u need 2 firmly grasp it"

"let's see if i care"



"ur mom"


"i hope you die"

"I can't even comply with what you're saying."



TheCrazyRavioli likes baseball. The teams he supports are Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. He has been playing baseball since 2004 and is good at it. Baseball is Ravi's favourite sport.


Ravioli has a lot of pets, which are 6 snakes, a shark, 5 turtles and a dog. He also owns a lot of crickets for his snakes.


As of October 13th, 2014, TheCrazyRavioli is terminated and has an alt called "LandmineExplosion"

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